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Make a Personal Breakthrough

  • I've learned to face my fears and view them as exciting challenges and opportunities for growth meeting agenda template. I love the person that I am becoming and have absolute certainty that I will continue to be a woman who is strong, capable, secure, approving of myself, and thankful. ~Lauren

  • “Thanks Jonathan for your help and insights. You have an amazing ability in figuring out what’s going inside other people’s heads and coming up with solutions almost instantly. You’ve helped me tremendously and I wish I found you sooner.” ~ Chadi

  • “Jonathan is the kind of person you would like to have as your best friend - authentic, down-to-earth, and wise. He really understands how the mind works and provides elegant tools to help you transform self-limiting beliefs and habits.” ~Sandra Lee

  • "He gives you the tools to connect with the "real you" and your deepest passions. He teaches you how to align your core values with what you are most passionate about and bring your vision of a happy and fulfilled life to reality." ~Barbara Wainwright

  • "Jonathan has a talent to take a lot of complex information and boil it down to the essential in a way that makesit extremely easy to follow. In this way you create an upward spiral that leverages itself." ~Stephen Mills

  • "You will discover what is at the heart of your being, and that knowledge will help you lead a better life." ~Kristi Hines

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