Making a Career Advancement Breakthrough

First of all, the fact that you have a career that you really enjoy is something to feel really good about. There are a lot of great perks available in the corporate world, especially for those who can progressively move up through the ranks. Are ready for a career advancement breakthrough?

I am sure that you also realize that the corporate world has its own unique dynamic with regard to interpersonal working relationships. These workplace relationships are often the reason why some members of the team experience amazing success while others spend their career on the sidelines.

Most of my corporate coaching clients seek me out for help in two primary areas. The first is the need to develop better presentation skills and in some cases overcome their fear of being in the spotlight. The second is because they need a more resourceful way to deal with workplace relationships. Let’s address those two issues.

Mastering workplace relationships

In chess, you need skill, but you also need the ability to understand how each move changes the relationship of the pieces to one another. Any piece can represent an asset or a threat, depending on positioning. The same piece that was protecting your queen a moment ago can instantly box her in with one carefully designed move.

Corporate relationships would be pretty straight forward if everyone’s motive was the good of the team. But in the game of corporate chess, there are always players. In most cases, superior skills will still rise to the top, but you still need an awareness of how each move affects the overall dynamic. You need to see the whole board.

Good presentation skills are essential

Whether you are speaking publicly before an audience or making a presentation to the team, your ability to communicate your ideas effectively is absolutely vital for career advancement. No matter how good you are at your job, you won’t get the recognition you deserve if it’s not presented properly.

In the field of public speaking and communication skills, I have decades of experience. I can help you with both the technical side and the mental side (as in fear of public speaking).  This also includes nonverbal communication like body language, gestures, and facial expressions.

Making a career advancement breakthrough

Once you master workplace relationships and presentation skills, there’s not a lot that can hold you back. However, if your career advancement is being hindered by something else, I would be happy to discuss it with you. My goal is to help you make a career advancement breakthrough so you get the recognition and position that you want and deserve.

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